no Theatre in Caracas, Chavez said he is convinced of wining most of the two thirds of the National Assembly (AN). Chavez also referred to the some comments published by U.S. dail.

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ides and security personnel. Pausing in the lobby of the 39-story UN Secretariat, she met a battery of cameras and reporters, saying, "Hello everybody. I am Samantha Power. I am t.

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area. According to Huancavelica's local National Water Authority (ANA), the Huachocolpa River was contaminated with 50,000 cubic meters of debris from the rupture of a dam of the .

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plete absence" of the president because of death, physical or mental impairment or stepping down either before taking office or being dead during his first four years in office. I.

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ticism of federal government will play a major role in this November's presidential election, which is expected to feature a heated race between President Barack Obama and his Rep.

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the jury will hear from both sides regarding aggravating factors in advance of sentencing. Whereas aggravating factors are found, the defendant could be sentenced to 3.75 years p .

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ited Nations' Organisation for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said Saturday in its latest situation report on the relief effort, adding that at least 132 people had bee.

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oreign Affairs and International Cooperation Hor Namhong. He will be visiting Cuba until Thursday. "Our political relations have always been very close and we support each other," .

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2 (Xinhua) -- Ecuador and Peru recalled their respective ambassadors Thursday to consult over an April 21 altercation in Lima involving Ecuadorian Ambassador Rodrigo Riofrio, Ecu.

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