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ce officers injured and more than 200 people arrested in riots. Related: More than 2 killed per day in U.S. police shootings in 2015: report WASHINGTON, June 1 (Xinhua) -- U.S. law e


ing car is a breakthrough and will possibly change future transportation, but experts pointed out that problems need to be addressed before cars can really fly at will. The world'.


citizens and international rescue and aid workers. Spain, which has traditional links with Latin America, will send 450 military personnel, 23 Civil Guard members and a group of s.


(Xinhua) -- Three people were killed and several others were injured after a passenger train derailed near Toronto Sunday afternoon, local media reported. The derailment happened .


ast, which saw growth possibly as high as 3.9 percent this year. The U.S. economic activity expanded "at a moderate pace" in recent months. Consumer inflationary pressure was boost.

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idential hopefuls kick off their second contest in New Hampshire on Tuesday. Here are five things to watch in the first-in-the-nation primary. No. 1: Will Romney win beautifully? A.

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VSA) and Chavez did not mention more about its case. Last week Chavez also announced the expropriation of the Spanish Agrosilena and the nationalization of the Compania Inglesa. CA.

the previous poll to 63 percent, while the ratio of those who felt proud of hosting the event rose from 45 percent to 60 percent. Government spending on the event sparked mass pr.

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